Choo Choooo! All aboard the math train, baby! We got additions, substractions - even divisions! - we got it all! 

Calcustation is an arcade/puzzle game . The goal of the game is to bring the trains to the correct doors. All the doors have numbers on them and operators. If the train number doesn't match the door number, then the door operator will be applied to the train number and the train will go back in the stack. The more trains go back in the stack, the slower they will get. The game stops whenever a train's number goes under 0 or above 100, or if there is a train collision. 

Will you be able to beat all four game modes and unlock the ending? Only your reflexes and quick thinking will help you!

Good luck! 

Controls :

Keyboard :

  • Up, Down : Move the numbers clockwise and counter-clockwise
  • Y/Z, X : Move the platform in the middle clockwise and counter-clockwise
  • P, Esc : Pause
  • In menus : Up, Down, Space/Enter to navigate

Touch :

  • Swipe outside to move the numbers  clockwise and counter-clockwise
  • Touch and swipe inside to move the platform in the middle


  • How do divisions work in the game?
    • Everything after the comma goes away! For example, if you divide 7 by 2, you get 3.5. The ".5" is going to disapear and the train will come back as a "3" instead. But be warned that if you divide 1 by 4, you will get 0.25, so that's a 0 and that would be game over for you!
  • Why and how does the game speed up at some point?
    • Every time you score points, the game gets a little faster!
  • Why is 'Divide Trains' easier than the other modes?
    • Because it's a bonus mode! It was actually the original design of this game. And also, it's a nice way to finish and get to see the ending ;)

Coming soon : Music? Sounds? Maybe, not sure yet!

Made with heart with Phaser 3

Install instructions

Hey, thanks for downloading the game!

Please install it from the app for the best experience. 

The game is only a html file so it could be played from your browser, but the assets won't load if you don't have a local webserver.


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